Wireless CarPlay Dongle for iPhone & Android

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Wireless CarPlay Dongle for iPhone & Android

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Cut the Cord!

This the coolest accessory you will ever buy for your car.

Who needs messy data cable wires? Now you can enjoy an automatic wireless connection to CarPlay without the need for a USB-cable. Once installed, you can use your voice to access CarPlay’s Siri voice to safely make/answer calls, check voice mails, text messages, and bring up maps while keeping your eyes on the road!

Transform an existing CarPlay system into a wireless system to listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, apple music, or installed apps hands-free by inserting this ingenious invention into your car’s USB port.

Why wait? Drive safer, and get stuff done while driving, without sacrificing a single thing!

Compatible Devices

❤The product supports most Android market phones, but it's not 100% supporting all Android phone and Android radio.) iPhone with iOS( 9.0 and above), Android mobile phones(4.0 and above).

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