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True Night HD Vision Thermal Monocular Binoculars

$639.95 $800.00
Unit price  per 

True Night HD Vision Thermal Monocular Binoculars

$639.95 $800.00
Unit price  per 

Thermal Night Vision Monocular

Illuminates without the heavy lifting!

The True Night HD Vision Thermal Monocular Binoculars are the ultimate hunting tool, providing clear and detailed thermal imaging in even the darkest conditions. With a high-definition display, these binoculars allow you to spot games with ease, making them perfect for hunting in dense woods or at night.

Thermal imaging technology detects heat signatures, so you can see animals even when they're hiding behind a brush or in the shadows. The durable, waterproof design ensures that you can rely on these binoculars in any weather. Whether you're a professional hunter or an avid outdoors enthusiast, the True Night HD Vision Thermal Monocular Binoculars will give you an edge in the field.

Don’t leave home without it—it’s got superpowers to help you see in the dark. This thermal night vision monocular pierces the darkness of night using a proprietary power management system that lasts longer, so you can complete any task you set out to accomplish. Indispensable features include innovative sensors that extend your range during Search and Rescue operations.

This weather-resistant and lightweight night vision tool provides sharp, crisp images. An added bonus is its slim, ergonomic design, created to provide a snug, comfortable fit in your hand.


The main features of thermal monocular binoculars include:

  • Thermal imaging sensor: detects heat signatures and converts them into visible images, allowing you to spot the game even in the darkest conditions.
  • The high-definition display provides clear and detailed thermal images, allowing you to spot even small games with ease.
  • Magnification: typically allows for zooming in on distant objects, making it easier to spot the game from a distance.
  • Waterproof and durable: able to withstand rough hunting conditions, ensuring that you can rely on these binoculars in any weather.
  • Lightweight and compact: easy to carry and use in the field

Product Highlights:

  • --Slim and lightweight ergonomic design
  •  --Internal Battery lasts longer
  • --Available In 19mm & 25mm Lens 


  • Resolution: 180x240 pixels
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Field of view: 8.1°x6.2°
  • Color modes: Black White Red iron Amber hot
  • Internal Lithium-Ion Battery: 6+ hrs
  • IP rating: Weather resistant
  • Dimensions: 167x45x38 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 lb / 560 g

This thermal handheld Night Vision Monocular is light and has a long-lasting internal battery. Slim and ergonomic fits perfectly in your hand. 

Using our Cutting-Edge sensors for sharp crisp images and extended range. The new battery uses a proprietary power management system that keeps you in the field longer, without the need to use single-use batteries. This is one tool you’ll want with you at all times. Recovery efforts will seem effortless, and finding games will no longer be frustrating or hard to find. 

Search and Rescue operations will be quicker and more efficient.



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