Spa Pillow - Orthopedic Bath Pillow

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Spa Pillow - Orthopedic Bath Pillow

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Recreate the spa experience at home with Spa Pillow - Orthopedic Bath Pillow!

After a long day, everyone needs a long rejuvenating bath. Using Spa Pillow you can intensify the soothing pleasure by resting your head on our cloudy pillow. Using 3D air mesh technology, resting your head on Spa Pillow is like experiencing a neck massage. Simply push the suckers into the bath and you’ve installed it.

Neck fatigue and pain vanish when you dive into the luxurious comfort Spa Pillow creates. Our bath pillow will bring you tranquility and relaxation, you only need to lay down.


  • Dive Into Relaxation - Let your head sink into a state of bliss. Take some time for you and fall into the luxurious comfort and relaxation you deserve.

  • A True Spa Experience - Rest your tired neck and elevate all the tension from the long day. The ergonomic air meshy wonder recreates what a spa feels like.

  • Bliss Over and Over - Spa Pillow keeps its integrity after hours of soaking! Dry it to regain its form and bring it again to the tub for eternal relaxing comfort.

  • Premium Material - Made of high-quality polyester fiber, which provides enough grip and provides a super soft and comfortable experience. Convenient cleaning method, faster drying than a towel, effective against mold growth!

Treat yourself with a bath essential that will put you into ultimate comfort and relieve you from the stress. Spa Pillow brings the spa to your home!

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