The Best Smart Wine Pourer

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The Best Smart Wine Pourer

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#The Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers!
Great for parties, dinners, picnics, holidays, BYO restaurants, meetings, and home!


Instantly Better Tasting Red and White Wine 

Aeration is essential to bring out the open flavor of the wine. Ready to drink immediately with instant enhance flavor and smooth out the tannin providing you with a premium wine experience regardless of the bottle price or vintage.


The Smart Aerating Decanting Process

Automatically aerates, decants and pump pours wine directly into your glass. Saves on the traditional waiting time associated with the standard decanting process and allows wine the time to breathe! 


EASY TO USE: One touch button operation

USB RECHARGEABLE: Will last for approx. 100 bottles


EASY TO CLEAN: Fill an empty wine bottle with water and dispense water through the aerator the same as you would with wine.

Inclusion: Comes with carrying bag, USB cable and 2 food-grade silicone tubes, and quick guide instructions

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