Silicone Bath Body Brush

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Silicone Bath Body Brush

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Are you annoyed that you can't reach your back while taking a bath? Clean and scrub with this silicone towel now and keep it clean! Those hard-to-reach places can sometimes be painful, and now we have the solution.

Good cleaning effect. Cleans pores, removes dirtexcess sebum and dead skin, making your skin smoother. The double-sided lines with bump design can effectively bring you a cleaning effect. Silicone wipes are dry, greatly reducing bacterial survival.

Double-sided back scrubber and massager foot / single cleaner shower-cleans, massages and exfoliates the body, cleans your feet without bending, and you can enjoy a soft and comfortable body.

Main Features:
  • Silicone material: Eco-friendly, durable, non-toxic, can effectively exfoliate and massage the skin, more hygienic than loofah
  • extended length: Increased length to 70cm, and silicone has a telescopic function, making it easier to scrub the back
  • Hook design: Hooks at both ends of the brush for easy hanging and storage, and easy to hold in the palm
  • Soft-hard combination: The silicone shower brush is composed of two sections with different thickness and the other side is an elliptical structure. You can scrub different parts of the body in the bath as needed
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Product Size: 60CM × 12CM × 5CM
Package Include:
  • 1* Silicone Body Brush Bath Belt
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