Sea Creature Wine Glass

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Sea Creature Wine Glass

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A truly stunning design that boasts a classic form with a unique, intricate twist. From the rim to the base, this Crystal Shark Wine Glass offers absolute class and sophistication that no other glass form can match.

Shark wine glass

A gorgeous gift for any occasion or event from a birthday to Christmas and beyond. Not only is this wine glass beautifully hand-crafted from 100% non-lead crystal and crafted by a master glass artist, it also features an elaborately designed shark posted in the bottom that looks like it’s swimming through your glass of wine.

It’s a perfectly clear wine glass that you’ll love to drink from. This lovely wine glass is absolutely certain to stand out from every other option that is currently in your cabinet.


  • Material: glass
  • Size: about 7.5×7.5×21 cm
  • Capacity: about 300 ml
  • Shark wine glasses are perfect with any table decoration.Rest assured, this wine glass will display elegance and transform the atmosphere from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
  • Outstanding lead-free crystal with outstanding clarity can upgrade a simple dining table to a luxurious environment,
  • A perfect gift for a special person or individual.
  • Pour the wine into the shark's glass. Let the wine spin with the shark. Smell the aroma and taste each bite.
  • Give your loved ones the gift of contemplation to make you feel happier in your daily life.
  • Great for big parties and celebrations

Package Includes:

1x Crystal Wine Glass

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