Portable Telescoping Outdoor Stool

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Portable Telescoping Outdoor Stool

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Portable retractable stool The stool is made of high-quality polyamide. This material is known for its high strength, lightweight and durability.

It is a material that can withstand a variety of weather conditions and is considered an environmentally friendly material.

Features: lightweight, small size, simple to use, does not take up space after shrinking, easy to carry, convenient for home storage, can also be placed on the trunk of the car.

Uses Home indoors, courtyards, hiking, fishing, outdoor camping, tourism, and leisure, waiting for queues, etc.

Height: adjustable between 6.5CM-46CM

Seat size: diameter 25CM

Precautions for use: The maximum load capacity of the product is 1300N (132kgf). For your safety and product life cycle, control the load capacity. Do not press sideways!!

How to use: Open the package, insert the finger into the finger hole of the upper and lower covers, and stretch it to the two sides. Adjust the height according to the state of use. After use, gently screw inward to shrink.

Model: Style A-Black Style A-Red

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