Portable Photo Printer

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Portable Photo Printer

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Wish You Could Use Or Share Your Photos On Your Phone Without Visiting A Photo Shop? 

The portable photo printer is here to set you free! This portable photo printer is lightweight, that makes it ideal for traveling. You can take it in your bag or anywhere you go! It comes with optical character recognition (OCR) software so you can convert and edit your photos.

With its light body design, fun social features, and bluetooth capability, The portable photo printer will surely grab attention. Its user-friendly will allow people to easily customize their photos with close to 30 fun and colorful frames, create collage and split prints and print photos from their videos. 

Suitable for students, travellers and amateur archivists, it is better for the entrepreneur to take notes after the meeting. Good for graduates to prepare for the final thesis. Collect all the files in the library with this portable mini printer.
During the study period, you can use this printer to print the teacher's notes and knowledge.

Portable Photo Printer


  • PRINTING ALL YOU LIKE: Support multiple functions, it can print photos, labels, messages, lists, records, QR Code and so on. The APP offers a variety of fonts and themes to make your photos stylish.
  • CONVENIENT FOR YOUR LIFE: Can record the scenery you see, record his or her sweet words, collect the exercises you have done wrong, fun and practical.
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: BT 4.0 connection, connected to the Peripage (Support this APP only) through the phone print applications, without wire, you can print anywhere.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL:This mini printer can print photos, memorandum and records, users see the information on the phone screen can be printed instantly, the applications offer variety of fonts, filter effects and themes, make your photo stylish. Support Web printing, material printing, remote printing.
  • THERMAL PAPER SPECS: Printer with high quality print head, can print 57mm(width)x30mm(roll diameter) thermal paper, 203DPI resolution, good printing quality.


Portable Photo Printer


  • Colors: Pink, Blue, White.
  • Weight: 1.5kg.
  • Size: 400*230*185mm.
  • Max Paper Size: 58mm.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Photo Printer OR
  • 1 x Portable Photo Printer & 6 x Thermal Rolls.
Portable Photo Printer
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