Portable Car Heater & Demister

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Portable Car Heater & Demister

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The Latest in Portable Car Heaters

As the chills of winter descend upon us, so do car heater issues. Whether it is fog or frost, our Portable Car Heater is designed to keep you and your car clear & cozy.

A faulty heater can impair viewing and diminish the comfort of passengers. Small and portable but strong and powerful, this plugin 12V heating device rapidly defrosts windows and helps keep the interior of vehicles.

Simply put, this portable heater for cars is one of the best car heaters in the market. Here's why:


This 12v car heater will help clear your blurry vision of dangerous visual obstacles, which will allow you to get on your way, faster and more efficiently. Small and compact, the 12-volt heater is portable and travel-friendly which means you can use this all-winter-long!

This car space heater is designed to quickly clean the frost, fog, mist on your vehicle's windshield, ensure your driving safety. If you're delayed in a traffic incident, you can also stay warm without running the engine with this 12-volt car heaters.

This multi-purpose device is a portable windshield defroster, portable car heater, or a portable heater for car, all in one! It features three large outlet vents that blow in a fixed direction, letting warm air heat up your car while clearing the windows of dangerous visual obstacles. 



STRONG FROST DEFROSTER - This 12-volt heater is designed to quickly clean the frost, fog, mist on your vehicle's windshield. This car space heater saves you time and fuel by using your car’s alternator to keep the heater powered instead of gas.

360 DEGREE ROTATION - Our portable windshield defroster features a 360-degree rotation design which allows you to freely adjust the heating direction anywhere you want to blow.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Designed to be your travel companion, this portable car space heater will provide a warm and safe journey for you and your family. 

SIMPLE TO USE - Simply plug the heater into your car's cigarette lighter and press the fan or heater switch to work. The 12-volt portable car heater is very handy and will be very useful and help you save time by defrosting your vehicle.


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