Oversized Blanket Hoodie Sweatshirt For Winter

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Oversized Blanket Hoodie Sweatshirt For Winter

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Stay warm, snug and comfy and beat any cold weather with our Giant Blanket Hoodie! 

 hoodie blanket

You can wear our hoodie blanket both inside and out. Also, the oversized hood keeps your head toasty and warm and doubles as a pillow, so you can watch TV or sit around the home in extreme comfort. 

 hands free blanket sweatshirt

On top of all that, there's a huge pocket to keep hands warm and store phones, remote controllers and snacks! And the extra wide arms make sure you can always move your arms freely.

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It's time to take your cozy home attire to the next level and use the most comfortable giant hoodie blanket in the world! It's the comfy sweatshirt that's taken the world by storm!


  • Lose-Fit Design: Combines the warmth of a thick blanket with the comfort of your favorite hoodie. Move freely and stay warm.
  • One Size Fits All: This oversized hoodie blanket covers you from head to toe and fits all but the most giant of people.
  • Comes In Kids Size: Make sure your kids are comfy and warm and get them one as well!
  • Versatile: You can use our blanket sweatshirt pretty much anywhere; dorms, parties, at home, at the office, while camping or being outside in the cold.
  • Hypoalergenic: The eco-friendly, hypoalergenic materials don't irritate your nose or lungs so you can breathe deeply and easily.

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  • Size: One-Size-Fits-All
  • Material: Cotton-Blend Polyester Fleece

What's Included:

  • 1 x Giant Blanket Hoodie Sherpa
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