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UFO HeliDrone For Kids

$29.95 $50.00
Unit price  per 

UFO HeliDrone For Kids

$29.95 $50.00
Unit price  per 

The infrared technology and sensors allow hours of fun for kids and adults exploring numerous functions of this easy to operate UFO mini drone flying ball toy that acts like a hand-operated helicopter

Higher Flying and 360° rotation: The mini drone has built-in four-side sensors that help it fly better than other similar drones. Super cool flying toy for playing. This cool gravity-defying hover drone can perform auto-hover. The UFO drone is driven by built-in four powerful rotation motors that provide 360° rotation flying power. It also has a high flight hover when flying to a certain level. If the user doesn’t operate it for a couple of seconds, it automatically senses it, and the aircraft descends a little and hovers again.

Easy to Use: Flying this drone is so simple that even five years old can do it in minutes. Just toss the drone gently in the air. Its sensors allow it to hover automatically. Use your hand gestures by bringing the hands close to it and controlling the direction you want it to fly to. The drone flies in the opposite direction of the palm. Bring the palm down to make the drone rise.

High Quality and Durable: Durability is a must for any flying drone. The mini drone is made of flexible, lightweight, high-grade ABS. It is collision-resistant, which makes it easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Multiple motion sensors ensure the detection of obstacles and the safety of the gadget.

Playing with the drone

Night Mode: The built-in LED provides the perfect glow for nighttime fun with the mini flying drone. The 360° rotating LED provides a perfect sight to enjoy.

Rechargeable and Portable: Due to its small size, light-weight, and flexibility, the drone is suitable for any place or any occasion. Add fun to a birthday party or any outdoor activity by carrying this fun little gadget with you. A rechargeable battery frees you from the hassle of replacing the battery from time to time and also enables you to recharge the toy drone quickly using a USB cable.

Low Battery Alarm: Once the battery goes low, the drone gives an alert by red indicator light blinking. It also has the ability to land automatically once the battery goes down to avoid crashing or losing it.

Two Speed Modes: Mini drone comes with two-speed modes:
The light indicator will inform the user which mode is being used. Green is medium speed mode for beginners and intermediate users, while blue light is the high-speed mode for advanced level users.


  • Certification: 3C
  • Charging Voltage: 3.7V
  • Flight Time: 6-8 Minutes
  • Controller Battery Life: 250mAH
  • Package Includes: USB Cable
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes

Package Includes

  • 1* Mini Drone
  • USB Charging Cable



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