Ultra Graphix LED Drawing Tablet

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Ultra Graphix LED Drawing Tablet

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The Ultra Graphix LED Drawing Tablet has been designed for artists, illustrators, tattoo artists, graphic designers, and other creative professionals who wish to take their drawings to the next level!

Diversified Usage

The flicker free super bright eco-friendly LED is ideal for professional copy in animation, cartoon, tattoo tracing, craft projects, fabric design, photography, film slide transferring, architecture, design, drawing and much more.

Dimmable LED

 Brightness Adjustment

 Eye-Protected Technology

 Constant Voltage & Current

THIN BOARD: The compact A4 pad is super portable and easy to carry in your bag.

BRIGHTNESS CONTROL The touch switch controls three levels of brightness for different paper thicknesses.

HIGH QUALITY:  The super durable acrylic pad is able to withstand a significant amount of drawing pressure.

ANTI-SLIP SURFACE:  The acrylic material has an anti-slip quality, reducing the movement of paper on the pad to improve the drawing experience.

EYE PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGY:  The LED backlight has been designed to reduce strain on the eyes at low light, important for those who like to work overtime on their projects!

PACKAGE CONTENTS: LED Tracing Pad & Micro USB charging cable.

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