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Home DIY Laser Tattoo, Dark Spot, Mole, Scar Removal Pen

$99.95 $149.99
Unit price  per 

Home DIY Laser Tattoo, Dark Spot, Mole, Scar Removal Pen

$99.95 $149.99
Unit price  per 

Laser Tattoo Removal Just For You !!!

No longer in love with your tattoo?

Laser away the tattoo you once loved and now regret

Make-up can cover an undesirable tattoo, but it’s only a temporary solution. If you’re seeking a permanent solution for removing an unwanted tattoo, our home laser tattoo remover tool will remove it in a very short time period.

Using our lightweight tattoo removal tool will remove your tattoo, or multiple tattoos, without bleeding or harming your skin. Pain is minimal, ensuring that you are able to sit longer and remove a lot of ink during every session. Fewer treatments=better, and faster results.


Our tattoo-removing laser is also great for reducing dark spots and freckles by reducing the melanin deposits that causes them. High-tech, electric ion carbonation rids your skin of freckles, age spots, and flat moles safely, without harmful side effects.


  •  The laser beam can effectively breakdown melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits.
  •  The faster laser beam and more focused laser energy removes long-standing melanin problems and unwanted tattoos.



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