HydroCore Martial Arts Bag

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HydroCore Martial Arts Bag

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The popular alternative to the traditional heavy bag, the HydroCore heavy bag fills with water to offer a consistent rebound. Made with durable vinyl and foam, the core is easy to fill and drain, with a screw-on cap underneath the padded top lid. Ideal for all types of workouts involving punching, striking and kicking.  

Memberships are Expensive 

Work out in the comfort of your own home

Here's your solution. The HydroCore Martial Arts Bag!  

A punching bag that can withstand your hardest kicks and punches.

The HydroCore is MADE TO LAST!

The HydroCore Martial Arts Bag is perfect for training and practice. You can use this for home workouts, with friends and family. The HydroCore Martial Arts Bag is for all ages. You and your kids can go all day.

The HydroCore promotes exercise while increasing agility and hand-eye coordination. 

* Black & Red
* Strap handles to hang the bag.
* Includes chain to mount.
* Available in 4 different sizes

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