GenX Portable Label Printer

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GenX Portable Label Printer

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Instantly Print Labels For Anything 


Proper organization can make your daily routine fastereasier, and less stressful

The Portable Label Printer Is The Fastest Way to Label Anything From Spices, Drawers, Clothes, Notebooks, Containers, and many more. 

 Bluetooth Design Allows You To Quickly Label Anything!

Enjoy Fast, Clean Labels, Anywhere!

Its portable compact size makes it easy & convenient for you to carry.

Create the Perfect Label using our app and print it instantly with our Bluetooth Battery powered Label Printer! 

Unique Design

This Label Printer can give you faststraightforward and predictable label printing.  

Using thermal paper means you never have to worry about refilling ink or toner.

Fully Customized Labels For Anything

Choose any font style, size, language, or symbol & print.

Benefits of The Portable Label Printer

✔️ Easy Use 

✔️ Rechargeable Battery

✔️ Fully Customize Labels


✔️ Portable

What's Included 

✔️ 1x Portable Label Printer

✔️ 1x USB Charging Cable

✔️ 1x User Manual



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