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Bluetooth Wearable Sleep Monitor Ring with Health Tracker App

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Bluetooth Wearable Sleep Monitor Ring with Health Tracker App

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Sleep Apnea Oxygen Monitor

Protect Your Health from Sleep Apnea.
Sleep Apnea Or Just Snoring?

Sleep apnea is a condition marked by abnormal breathing during sleep. People with sleep apnea have multiple extended pauses in a breath when they sleep. These temporary breathing lapses cause lower-quality sleep and affect the body’s supply of oxygen, leading to potentially serious health consequences.

Millions of Americans suffer from snoring activity during sleep. Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea and not everyone who has sleep apnea snores. The biggest telltale sign is how you feel during the day. Normal snoring doesn’t interfere with the quality of your sleep as much as sleep apnea does, so you’re less likely to suffer from extreme fatigue and sleepiness during the day. However, if you’re gasping, choking, or making other unusual sounds, you should suspect sleep apnea.


Why do You Need to Keep Track of Oxygen levels?

Patients with sleep apnea during sleep often have low oxygen levels in their blood. A normal blood oxygen level should be above 93%.  

Any value of blood oxygen level below 92% is abnormal however, the number and duration of blood oxygen desaturations are important. If you only desaturated below 92% once or twice during a 7-hour sleep, and the desaturation level lasted only a couple of seconds, it's not a reason for worry. 

Your body will be seriously affected when you'll have long-term low oxygen levels. This can lead to Heart Attack, Hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke, Memory Loss, and Depression

Therefore, it's necessary to continuously track oxygen levels overnight and take treatments for people with or suspected of sleep apnea.

Long-term low oxygen levels, Heart Attack, Hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke, Memory Loss, Depression


Self-Evaluation of Sleep Apnea

Take Sleep Study at Home

If you or your partner is a frequent loud snorer, stops breathing, gasps or chokes during sleep, experiences excessive restlessness at night or feels excessively sleepy during the day. You are probably suffering from sleep apnea.

This device can help you track your overnight blood oxygen saturation and help to self-evaluation of sleep apnea at home.  

Share Detailed Report to Your Doctor

detailed report, sleep study report

What Can You Benefit from Home Sleep Study

  •  Affordable

    It is much cheaper than an in-center test, which may cost thousands of dollars.

  •  Convenient

    Allowing you to sleep at home rather than in an unfamiliar environment.

  •  Comfortable

    With fewer wires and access to the comforts of home.

  •  Safe

    It's safer to take sleep study at home during the outbreak.

  •  No limit

    Sleep centers may not be accessible due to location or even scheduling. You can take sleep study anywhere just with the sleep apnea oxygen monitor.






Silent Vibration Alarm, 

Save Your Life From Hypoxic Events

When the blood oxygen level is lower than your preset threshold, an adjustable and gentle vibration alarm will be triggered to remind the user to sleep on your side in order to breathe well again. Effectively reduce the risk of sleeping on a low and unhealthy blood oxygen level. It acts as a safety net for CPAP failure and is also optimal when not using CPAP.

Note: The alarming function can be turned off or you can adjust the intensity of vibration separately for the oxygen level and heart rate. You can also set your own threshold on the smartphone. 

Perfectly Work With CPAP

Track the Effectiveness of Your CPAP Therapy

If you’re already diagnosed with sleep apnea and using CPAP therapy, you can actually use the ring to check how effective your therapy levels are in controlling your sleep apnea. 

You just need to wear the ring on your finger while sleeping and check the record in the morning. If the oxygen saturation levels are nice and steady, then we know that the therapy is really controlling your sleep apnea. Conversely, if the oxygen saturation levels are unstable and sometimes below 92%, then you might need to make some adjustments to our CPAP therapy.

Track the Effectiveness of Your CPAP Therapy

Monitor Your Sleep Every Second

Our app provides users with detailed analysis and records of overnight blood oxygen levels, heart rates, and body movements. You just need to wear the ring on your finger while sleeping and check the record in the morning.

Understand Your Hypoxic Events Easily

The report shows how long your oxygen is below 90%; how many times during a night your oxygen drops over 4%. You can also zoom into the chart to see more details, such as the exact value when dropping happens.

Zoom in of the exact value of a user's SpO2.

Export Your Data 

Export detailed reports in PNG (picture) or CSV, easily share with your doctor for analyzing purposes.

Customize Your Vibration

You can turn off the alarming function or adjust the intensity of vibration separately for the oxygen level and heart rate. You can also set your own threshold on the smartphone. 

Expecting Even More Powerful Tool for Your Oxygen Tracking Overnight?

With ultra-long battery run-time of 72 hours (more than 7 full nights) per charge, Checkme™ O2 Max Wrist Oxygen Monitor may well be the ultimate solution for continuous O2 saturation monitoring during sleep.

Need Something Really Mighty to Fight OSA?

breeze APAP Machine is an ideal solution to perfectly treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It helps you breathe freely during sleep, stop the snoring completely, and get your healthy life back again!

Ring O2 experience

I decided to buy this device because I have been tracking my wife’s oxygen levels while she sleeps at night using the regular finger reader device and it’s exhausting for me to wake up by night, taking the finger reader, seeing the reading, and writing it down in my phone. I have found this device very convenient and allowed me to sleep more while she is being monitored by the device itself. Just a small inconvenience, its battery doesn’t last long. I have to charge it every day. I like the ring so far.


Great hardware, some bugs on Android app

Awesome battery life, very easy to operate, comfortable, and nowhere near as cumbersome/intrusive as I thought it might be after using hospital monitors. Android app is a little buggy and works well enough for quick checks but being able to export data as a .csv gives me the freedom to analyze it how I want. Already recommended it to 2 family members.

- Benjamin
It's really an incentive to use my CPAP machine!

Recently I was feeling fairly exhausted in the daytime and having a feeling that I wasn't sleeping soundly. I don't know if it's because I haven't used my CPAP machine for 2 years. But I don't have a link to my CPAP records anymore so I figured I'd get this cool, lightweight little ring and use it to do my OWN sleep study. Well, of course, I had 02 levels in the low 80s about every 2 hours all night! So I got out my CPAP and wore it on the first night. The results were kind of surprising. It seemed that I had some problems but I slept through the entire night with my CPAP. Now, I won't use my CPAP without this little ring. It is comfortable, is most likely accurate, and it is really an incentive to use my CPAP machine because after adapting to it, my oxygen level was never in the 80s now. If you like to have instant feedback for using your CPAP machine, this little ring did that for me. The phone app works well. You can download your results to a pdf and show it to your doctor if you want a professional sleep test in the center.

- Jam B.
Accurate, Reliable, and User-friendly

This is a very user friendly SP02 device. If you have breathing issues like I do with my sleep apnea, this ring should work for you. I believe the SP02 results are more like to be the most accurate. I like that it connects to your phone quick and easy. I like that it keeps track of your levels continuously and you can even print out the information and give it to your doctor if needed. This will also alert you if your levels drop out of range.

- Celia
Valuable sleep monitoring tool

Nice product! Wearing it doesn’t bother you much during daily life. Data works with your iPhone so works pretty well. My doctors were very impressed with its accuracy as well. I would recommend it.

- Mike J
Comfortable to wear and accurate

I purchased it because I am having exertional oxygen desaturation. I was concerned that it would be too bulky and disrupt my sleep but it is pretty comfortable. I'm satisfied with its easy operation and accuracy. Its readings are accurate based on my other devices. I cannot imagine what else you could want out of this device. I would recommend it for anyone trying to track their O2 stats.

- Joshua
Works well with my CPAP.

Reliable and accurate! I got one and love to take it out when traveling. You can wear it at night so it vibrates to remind me to sleep on my side. I on the other hand got a CPAP and it helps me monitor the data it produces. You just need to go to bed, put the mask on and wear the ring to monitor your oxygen saturation overnight time, and check the record in the morning. I keep adjusting and am moving from the low 5 rating into the upper 8's for the O2 score.



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