BarkMate Smart Ultrasonic Dog Training Device

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BarkMate Smart Ultrasonic Dog Training Device

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“My dog barks at everything.”
“My dog is stubborn and won’t listen to me.”
“I’m afraid of my neighbor’s dog and worried about my safety!”

Dogs want to please us and make us happy, but sometimes they don't understand what they should and should not do. It can be challenging and embarrassing in dealing with unwanted behaviors. Training is the best way to stop bad behavior and encourage good, but it isn't easy to communicate with our furry friends. That's where BarkMate can help. It allows you to give immediate feedback and helps your dog focus on the instructions. Take control and remember to Train, Treat, Repeat, making your dog the perfect pet you always wanted.


BarkMate ultrasonic training device uses no chemicals and doesn’t physically contact your dog. Our technology is safe, so you can be confident that your dog will not be harmed by the ultrasonic and visual stimulations.


BarkMate uses high-frequency sounds that can’t be detected by humans and specifically target a dog’s hearing. It’s effective for stopping unwanted behaviors like barking, chewing, and jumping.


The BarkMate training device includes a high-power LED light, which can be used alone or with the ultrasonic sound. Use it as a flashlight or to correct behavior by simply toggling the on/off switch.


Simply point your BarkMate training device toward your dog, and press the ON button. The ultrasonic sound will get your dog’s attention so you can train his behavior. The convenient size makes it very portable. It can go anywhere with you!


1. When your dog starts barking, calmly move near them. Don’t yell — that sends the wrong message to your dog and winds her up more.

2. Position yourself so your dog can see you and point your BarkMate at him. Press the ON button to emit the ultrasonic sound.

3. You may take a step toward your dog, which may force them to take a step back or sit, showing him that you’re the top dog.

4. If you have a more stubborn dog, you can use the LED light to add visual stimulation with the ultrasonic sound.

5. As BarkMate calms your dog, release the sound and/or light buttons and allow your dog to remain calm.

6. Always reinforce the positive behavior with praise, attention or treats. Make sure your dog knows you are happy with their behavior, so he understands what you expect from him.

7. BarkMate ultrasonic trainers work independently, so you can keep them where your dog spends time — keep one by the front door, one in the backyard, and one in the bedroom.

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