Air Pressure Wine Opener

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Air Pressure Wine Opener

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Isn't it frustrating that there's a broken & damaged cork in your wine bottle?

Pop The Cork is an air pressured wine bottle opener. You can now open a bottle of wine without the hassle of pulling & twisting which may cause damaged cork.

It's so easy to use, convenient & safe! Just slide in the needle, pump 3 to 4 times & out goes the cork!

It is made from premium material & it is designed to ensure the cork is contained when it's out so that it doesn't fly across the room!

Pop The Cork saves lots of time opening a wine bottle & it's perfect for wine lovers!

It's a great conversation starter at gatherings or parties! You can now enjoy your wine hassle-free & without damaged or broken pieces of the cork!

Fine Wine At The Sound of a Pop!


✔️Air Pressured Opener

✔️Premium Quality

✔️No More Damage Cork

✔️Saves Time

✔️Easy To Use


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