400W Ultra Modern Touch Mini Space Heater

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400W Ultra Modern Touch Mini Space Heater

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  • Leafless heater: Increase the contact area between the heating element and the air, heat conduction is fast, and heating is rapid.
  • Warmth at your fingertips: Built-in fan system, convection to form a new wind, long air supply distance to transfer heat quickly, warm in winter.
  • High-quality thread heating wire: high-efficiency and energy-saving high-quality thread heating wire, not only a long life but also can quickly enter the constant temperature state within 1-2 seconds.
  • Gravity-sensing tilt protection: Effectively ensure safety. When the machine is tilted to 45-60 degrees, the bottom of the heater is ventilated, even if it is inverted, it is safe.


  • Power mode: AC
  • Rated voltage: 220v
  • Rated power: 300W
  • Switch type: normal button
  • Heating method: plug-in type
  • Rated power: 220v-50Hz
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