Stylish Transparent Running Glasses

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Stylish Transparent Running Glasses

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The average person touches their face 23 times per hour!

With the NEW 2020  StylIsh-Transparent Glasses you can cover your Nose, Eyes & Mouth.

Works as a barrier when you subconsciously reach.

Coated with fog and scratch-resistant coatings to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the shield’s surface. Given the nature of the product, It should be washed with soap and water daily after use. Doing so will not only keep it clean, but also increase its resistance to fogging, as soap is a highly-effective anti-fog agent.

Compatible with eyeglasses. Simply remove the nose-rest and wear it on top.



It comes in two sizes: Medium and Large. The width for both sizes are identical. It is based on that of 3M’s protective eyewear, which provides a universal fit for adults.

The 3D models below are based on the dimensions of the average adult male and female head. The female model on the left is wearing the medium size and the male model on the right is wearing the large size.
Thanks to 3D-printing, we were able to create a number of prototype iterations, conduct extensive product testing, and refine every aspect of the design to ensure comfort, style, and functionality.

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