2020 Eco-Friendly Marinade Meat Injector

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2020 Eco-Friendly Marinade Meat Injector

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Marinade Meat Injector !!!

  • Are you tired of dry and bland meat dishes?

Why Marinade Injector for Kitchen Accessories?

  • People love to celebrate and cook food, whether for big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas or just regular Sunday night dinners.
  • Meat and barbecue dishes, in particular, are a staple on many tables and menus. Everybody loves a mouth-watering, well-marinated roast.
  • Serve savory and flavorful meat dishes without worries with the help of this Injector!

Superior craftmanship:

  • Carefully assembled to create a safe and fully functional marinade injector.

  • No wobbly needles thanks to a tight screw-on feature. Plunger slides smoothly for easy injections.

Practical design:

  • The clear marinade injector barrel allows you to easily and carefully measure the amount of marinade injected into the meat. You will never over or under flavor again.

Easy to clean:

  • The screw-on needle makes cleaning the syringe easy. It is hand and dishwasher safe. Soak in hot water to remove oil that can build up inside the needle and barrel.

Safe for food:

  • From stainless steel syringe to plastic barrel, this marinade meat injector is made of Eco-friendly, food-grade materials. No leaching when handling hot sauces and marinades.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Material: High-Quality Polypropylene
  • Product Size: 8,6 x 2,7 inches
  • Product Weight: 0,14 lb
  • Product Volume: 30ml
  • Product Include: 1 x Marinade Injector for Kitchen Accessories®

Product Material:

Plastic& Stainless steel

Package includes:

1*Marinade Injector 


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